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Large Uplinks and Teleports

Large Uplinks and Teleports

The original De-Ice products designed by W.B. Walton Enterprises includes a behind the antenna plenum (enclosure) which is heated with hot air. These systems for antennas ranging in size from 3.7-meter to 32-meters in diameter. While there have been some product refinements over the years, to make these systems more efficient, and easier to install,the same basic concept is still in use today. Walton De-ice offers several options for heating including, gas heaters with their economical operation advantages or the low maintenance Stainless Steel Electric Heaters.For more information on the De-Ice products

Teleports. Broadcast Uplinks. Major Earth Stations. High Thruput Satellite Systems. Mobile Satellite and Ka-Band gateways

Customer Success Story: ASC Signal Corporation Hot-Air De-Icing

ASC Signal Corporatation is a major satellite earth station system supplier, and offers Walton De-Ice products in its solutions. ASC Signal Corporation explains the advantages of
Walton's Hot Air De-icing compared to alternative solutions that use Pad / Electric heat tape de-icing.

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Ice Quake and Snow Shield Action Video

Watch a Video: Walton Hot Air De-Icing System Installation for a Large Antenna, a Video Time Lapse