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System Upgrades - Heated

W.B. Walton Enterprises, Inc. has developed our next generation of automatic control units.


The ADC-4000 Local and DP-10 Remote Unit are the latest generation of control system offers you the most up-to-date and cost‐effective Antenna De‐Ice Control System in the Industry.

Key benefits:
• Automatic De‐Icing ‐ lower your operational costs / overhead.
• Rain & Snow Detection
• Manage heaters, blowers, rain diverters to ensure ice‐free operation without on‐site personal assistance
• Temperature monitoring on/at antenna
• System includes DP‐10 (1RU Indoor Unit), DS‐18 module enclosed in outdoor Power Distribution Panel (PDP), temperature and moisture probes.

Compared with prior generations of Walton control systems, the ADC‐4000 delivers these key advantages:
• New way to actively control heat within antenna de‐icing enclosure
• Improved control of antenna surface temperature
• Digital Display – Set Triggers, Temperature Span, Monitor Operating Temperature in sections of Antenna
• DP‐10 are EMF/RFI rated
• Interface with external M&C systems via RS‐323, 4‐Wire RS‐485, IP Ethernet/Fiber

•Snow and Rain Detection
• Heater Operating Point Control
• Main Reflector Temperature Balance Control
• Temperature Span settings to ensure uniform heat distribution and distortion free reflector
• Set Trigger Temperature threshold to auto‐ activate; optional time Delay
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