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Walton De-Ice in the News: MILSATMAGAZINE

An article in the March 2017 issue of MILSATMAGAZINE discusses Walton De-Ice systems advances

Maximizing Satellite Network Uptime In Winter, Snow, Ice and Alpine Conditions>

To maximize satellite network quality and uptime and optimize costs, satellite Earth stations in regions prone to snow need
de-icing systems to protect their antennas from the accumulation of snow and ice on the antenna.

In some locations, an antenna de-icing system is a “must-have” in order to prevent significant losses in signal and increases in network cost due to ice and snow, especially when using Ku-, X-, and Ka-band. The most effective and cost-efficient solution for larger, fixed-site antennas, such as Satellite Enterprise Terminals (SET), and gateways is to employ hot air de-icing.

This article discusses improvements under development that promise to bring Earth station operators new gains in network control, operational and energy efficiency ... Read More here>

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