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Military applications

Protecting Military and Government Networks From Rain, Snow and Ice For Nearly Years

De-Ice System

The original de-icing systemincludes a behind the antenna plenum (enclosure) which is heated with hot air from either liquid propane, natural gas or electric heating units. These systems are for antennas ranging in size from 5.0-meter to 32-meters in diameter. This is the original de-icing system originated over 30 years ago.

Ice Quake System

The Ice Quake system (U.S. patent pending) enhances the reliability of the Snow Shieldsystems by a factor of 185 percent. The Ice Quake System also acts as a Rain Shield to prevent water from sheeting on the antenna reflective surface causin rain fade on a Ku or Ka band antenna.

Snow Shield Cover

The Snow Shield Cover is designed for antennas in size from 0.6 meters to 6.3-meters in diameter. The Snow Shield consists of PTFE coated PTFE material, which is virtually invisible to RF, stretched over the satellite antenna. The Snow Shield can be used as a passive, Ice Quake, or heat system that can be added for a higher level of protection.

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Walton De-Icing for Military Applications