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Ice Quake Ka-Band | Rain Fade Testing

Rain Fade Testing of the Walton Snow Shield (Winterization Kit) Cover and Ice Quake System on a 3.9 meter Ka Band Antenna

Rain fade test performed at Ka Band using a FDMA Modem and a satellite simulator. The duration of each test segment was 10 minutes. Walton's solar-winterization cover, Solar Cover was combined with an activated Ice Quake System to assess signal performance withstanding water at a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. During this phase of the test a total of 4 hits (data lost) were recorded (see photo). Testing was performed using a 3.9 meter GD antenna (see photo).

Summary of Testing Performed

Description of Test Performed

Number of Hits (Data Lost) during 10 minute test

Reflector Dry with no Solar-Winterization Cover


Reflector Wet with no Solar-Winterization Cover


Solar-Winterization Cover installed and dry


Solar-Winterization Cover installed, dry with Ice Quake activated


Solar-Winterization Cover installed, wet with no Ice Quake activated


Solar-Winterization Cover installed, wet with Ice Quake activated