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Walton Gas Heater for 3.7 to 32-meter Antennas

Gas heaters for Snow Shield Cover De-Icing Systems

New CE Certified Gas Heating Unit’s Features

New Dual Hot Surface Ignition System:

  • Dual hot surface igniter's means redundancy in the ignition sequence.
  • Large flame sensing rod. Turbulence no longer a factor during ignition sequence.
  • Same reliable 3 try ignition sequence with purge time.
  • No more pilot assembly or pilot orifice.

Positive Blower Recognition for Ignition Sequence:

  • Normally open contact on air flow switch operates power to the ignition unit. No air flow, no ignition.
  • If no airflow is verified, the ignition unit will not be energized and the unit will go into ignition failure mode.

Same Wiring and Mounting Configuration as Original Heaters

  • Older Gas Heaters can be changed out with the new designed Gas Heating Units.
  • Mounting and wiring is the same.

New evolutions in Direct Fired Gas Heaters

Both Snow Shield Cover De-Icing Systems and the Gas Heaters for Plenum De-Icing now meet the European Union Declaration of Conformity for directives:

EN 60204-1:2006+A1:2009,
EN 60529:1991+A1:2000/IEC 60529:1989+A11999 and
EN12669 (EN298:2003 EN126:2004 EN1854:2006)

EU Gas Appliance Directive Test Standards: 2009/142/EC (GAD)

EU Low Voltage Directive Test Standards: 2006/95EC

Environmental Tests: EN 60529:1991+A1:2000

W. B. Walton Enterprises, Inc. is currently applying for approvals from North American Agencies for our Gas Heating Units for both the Snow Shield Cover De-Icing System and the Plenum De-Icing Systems