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DP-7IQ De-Ice Controller

Snow Shield | Ice Quake

Walton DP-7IQ Remote Monitor/Control Unit

The DP-7IQ is mounted on a 1.75” X 19” standard, single rack mount panel. The black powder finish assures high indicator visibility, even from a long distance. Termination of the cabling from the local unit is easily made through the rear mounted terminal blocks on the back of the unit. All connections to the unit are clearly marked on the rear of the panel to simplify installation. A de-pluggable terminal block for interface also makes swap-out a snap. Control Leads going to the DS-4 Local Control/Sensor are optoisolated in order to improve noise immunity, reduce ground loop problems, and provide circuit protection. This also allows the DP-7IQ to be mounted up to 1200 feet away from the Local (DS-4) Control/Sensor. Dry contact I/O for customer monitor and control equipment is also provided for monitoring the status of the deicing system along with allowing full remote Manual On activation, no matter what position the DP-7IQ control Switch is in. A panel indicator will show a remote M&C Manual Oncommand.

Key Features of the DP-7IQ

  • Inexpensive Assurance of Proper De-icing Operation
  • Full Remote Control for Testing
  • M & C Interface for Station Control/Monitor by serial or Ethernet connection
  • 100-120VAC Standard, 200-240 VAC Optional
  • Controls can be located up to 1200 Feet from the Local Antenna De-ice Controls
  • Stand or High Density Configurations Available

The DP-7IQ remote control/status display panels coupled with the DS-4 provides a low cost method to remotely monitor and control your Ice Quake System. The DP-7IQ provides basic Ice Quake on Status for the Ice Quake System, along with Manual on, Automatic, and Standby control capabilities. The DP-7IQ also has a Feed Heater On Indicator.