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Learn More About Walton Ice Quake and Snow Shield

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Thanks for your interest in Walton De-Ice products that can help you protect your satellite earth station antennas from outages due to snow and ice!
Watch the short video below to learn more about Ice Quake and Snow Shield.

Walton De-Ice Exhibits at IBC Amsterdam 2013 with New Heaters

Walton De-Ice Exhibits at IBC 2013 in Amsterdam

Walton De-Ice at IBC Amsterdam

Walton De-Ice showcased its latest solutions for protecting satellite antenna systems from ice, snow, rain, and sun at the IBC 2013 convention in Amersterdam in September, 2013. Earth station operators and customers from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Asia attended the show and met with Walton's technical and product management for the demonstrations of Ice Quake and Rain Quake systems, along with Walton's newest Gas and Electric Heating systems, recently updated for Greener operation in compliance with CE regulations.