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TCB-1 Controller for Plenum De-Icing Systems Ka-Band Antennas

Walton's TCB-1 Controller for Plenum De-Icing System’s for Ka-Band Antennas

Walton De-Ice has successfully installed over 200 Ka-Band antenna Gas and Electric Heat- ing Systems utilizing an Infrared Camera tech- nique on the proper location of both Gas Heater Ducts and the Placement of the Stainless Steel Electric Space Heaters.

The TBC-1 is used to monitor the air temperature of up to four quadrants of a satellite an- tenna and activate circulation fans if a high temperature differential is detected. A control is provided for setting the allowable differential for activation (DIFF) from 2°C to 15°C.

A second control provides adjustment of minimum run time in order to reduce short cycling of the fans (Dwell)

Circulation Fans controlled by the TBC-1 are used to move the heated air throughout the plenum to evenly distribute the out bound heat. The Circulation Fans operate all year long to keep the air inside the plenum at a temperature of no more then 10 degrees F. difference at any location within the plenum.